Record Audio with UPS Pico ADCs

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Record Audio with UPS Pico ADCs

Postby walter74 » Mon May 30, 2016 6:57 pm

is it possible to use the ADCs to record sound through an attached microphone & save in .wav or .mp3 format?
I've tried various RPi programmes like 'arecor'd & 'pyaudio' and searched on the internet for ideas but, apart from recording the signals, I have found no way of converting them to .wav .
I have seen ideas using a usb soundcard but would like to do everything through the RPi & the UPS Pico ADCs.
Any ideas would be very helpful.
Yours, Walter
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Re: Record Audio with UPS Pico ADCs

Postby Pimaster » Thu Jul 07, 2016 1:14 pm

With PIco HV1.1 I think it is too slow and also not buffered. Each A/D conversion takes about 3.5 us, but not buffered, so the problem is not on the capturing of the A/D but rather on the storing the data and pass them to I2C.
It could be possible with the PIco HV3.0A, as it has much faster, hardware buffered A/D. But this is not the purpose of this A/D we offering. We will do the tests and then will be able to answer if yous or no.
Hope I answered to you
Warmest Regards
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