Version 0x32 Firmware and Manual update [completed]

Here are posted all new preliminary firmware and manual updates

Version 0x32 Firmware and Manual update [completed]

Postby Pimaster » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:33 pm


This is the 0x32 version of firmware. Just corrected the RS232 deactivation bug, so not waiting for next release and released this one. I received so many requests for that so decided to release only this correction separately. It is not delaying the "normal" resale, that will be tomorrow or after tomorrow. Just I'm receiving so many email about that so must release ASAP. BTW, it was a very deep bug, and not generated by us. It was a bug in compiler, so required a deep work (in ASM level) to fix it.

UPS PIco HV3.0 firmware 0x32 dated 10.04.2017 ... lBYNE1EQkk

Firmware Fixes/Add on (compared to the previous version 0x31/0x30)
1. Corrected bug (generated in the 0x30/0x31) with RS232 deactivation. Now the if the RS232 is deactivated for PIco (and free for Raspberry Pi Applications) the TXD and RXD pins are HiZ and not High Level like before.
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Re: Version 0x32 Firmware and Manual update [completed]

Postby » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:27 pm

Hi there,
Successfully upgraded from 0x31 on RPi2 and new install on RP1 A+ without any problems.
I added fans to both units and noticed something strange running the script.
At the time, the fan was running as I had deliberately set the threshold temperature low...
It showed me this output:
Code: Select all
  PIco FAN Mode.........: ERROR
  PIco FAN State........: OFF
  PIco FAN Speed........: 500.0 RPM

When I checked the status using i2cget I found that 0x6B 0x11 was set to 0x02 (Automatic) but this is not correctly handled by
I changed the fan_mode stanza thus:
Code: Select all
def fan_mode():
   data = i2c.read_byte_data(0x6b, 0x11)
   data = data & ~(1 << 2)
   if (data == 2): <=== added this
      return "AUTO" <=== added this
   elif (data == 1): <=== changed this
      return "ENABLED"
   elif (data == 0):
      return "DISABLED"
      return "ERROR"

And that sorted the PIco FAN Mode message out correctly.
However, when I check i2cget -y 1 0x6B 0x13 this returns 0x00 even regardless of whether the fan is running or not.
The Fan LED behaves correctly (ie. comes on when the fan runs and goes off when the fan stops) but means I have no remote ability to see if the fan is (or should be) running.
I couldn't figure out what to interrogate to find out what triggered the Fan LED :(

I still have to try out the onboard serial port.

Best wishes
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Re: Version 0x32 Firmware and Manual update [completed]

Postby tater » Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:13 am

Hi guys,
I haven't been on in a few weeks. Is the user manual updated yet?
Or does anyone know how the events / interrupt features work?
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